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Why Warranties Are Not Covered by Professional Liability Policies

Contractors warrant their work in every contract. This is appropriate because they are doing work and have agreed to do it correctly or fix it if it is incorrect. Likewise, equipment is warranted. It works or doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, it should be made to work. When providing work or equipment, warranties and guarantees are appropriate. The expectation is that you will provide what you’ve promised to deliver. Read More

HR Insight: Inflation’s Impact on 2023 Open Enrollment

Many employees are currently feeling financially strained because of inflation. With open enrollment fast approaching, inflation could impact the choices employees make when it comes to their benefits. Employees are likely to consider which benefits matter the most and how to optimize the money they spend on those offerings. As a result, this year’s open enrollment may be more challenging than usual for employers and benefits providers. This article explores how inflation is impacting employees’ benefits selections and approaches to open enrollment and outlines what employers can do to help. Read More

News Brief: Wages Increase Near the Pace of Inflation

According to HR services provider ADP, salaries have been rising rapidly, nearly on par with inflation. Year-over-year pay raises increased by 7.6% leading up to August 2022, compared to an average of around 2% in early 2021. While pay has increased overall, its growth has flattened since April. Read More

5 Onboarding Tips to Help Reduce Employee Turnover

The employee onboarding process is crucial for retaining employees after the first 90 days. During the first three months at a job, about 1 in 3 workers would leave it without having another job lined up, according to recruiting firm Jobvite.

However, an effective onboarding process can help employees be excited and engaged, which helps prevent turnover. Due to this, companies should start to change how the onboarding process is viewed. Some employee turnover will be natural at any organization, but taking some simple steps may help reduce the number of employees looking to leave. Read More