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BSA Project Management Roundtable: The Control of Risk

BSA Project Management Roundtable: The Control of Risk  January 27, 202212:00 PM - 1:00 PM Mike Herlihy, Executive Vice President with Ames & Gough will present The Control of Risk. This is a general overview of Risk Identification and Management. The kinds of...

Avoiding Coverage Issues When Admitting Responsibility

Here’s the scenario: An issue arises during construction that originates from a design problem, and as a result, there will be an associated change order by the contractor. Although this situation has not given rise to a formal claim, the firm believes the costs associated with the change order are likely to be well within the standard of care or the professional liability deductible.

What Does a Reservation of Rights Mean?

Here’s the scenario: a problem arises on a project, either a claim or pre-claim that prompts you to report the matter to your professional liability carrier. Within the first couple of weeks following the notice, you’re likely to receive a very ominous letter that tells you all the things that your professional liability policy may not cover.

SPECIAL REPORT: Insurers and Policyholders Face Challenges in an Evolving Market

This report addresses (1) the state of coverage and key trends in the current market for cyber insurance, and (2) identified challenges faced by the cyber insurance market and potential options to address them.

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