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Employee Health & Benefits

Your firm’s employee health and benefits program requires consistency and attention. That is why firms need a partner that can evaluate the big picture and provide day to day support the firm requires.  Ames & Gough is the partner!   We are a values lead, purpose driven firm that deeply cares about the success of our client’s business and employee health. Ames Gough delivers the full spectrum of employee benefits consulting.

A Differentiated Approach

Every client has unique business needs.  We listen to our clients and try to solve daily challenges to drive operational efficiencies and growth in your business

Delivering Value

We are employee benefits advisors that deliver sound advice on developing a comprehensive, but tailored employee benefits strategy.

Forging Ahead

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled client experience while simplifying employee benefits choices though a data driven approach.

Technology Enablement

Our technology solution integrates into our client’s business and produces tremendous value by easing the complexity of HR administration

  • Agnostic benefits administration technology seamless online enrollment
  • Data analytics to drive transparent employee benefits decisions
  • Benchmarking
  • Virtual care recommendations


It’s easy to run afoul of government employee benefits regulations. Employers need to demonstrate compliance with ACA, COBRA, FMLA, and a host other regulations.

It’s essential to run a business with a compliant employee benefits program to maintain the security of the business and employees.

Our team can assist with implementation and documentation of employee benefits compliance rules and regulations.

HR Support

The Ames & Gough client experience is built on enhancing our client’s human resources capabilities through simplification of employee health matters

  • HR hotline to connect directly with HR Pros
  • Dedicated portal for Individualized content drive actionable next steps to HR questions
  • Access to state replica luxury watches specific HR compliance legislation
  • Learning management solution to deliver training to employees


We believe trust and humble service is the cornerstone that drives meaningful client relationships and what’s allowed us to consistently exceed expectations.

Our goal is to provide a boutique service model that results in a sound risk management approach to employee benefits in a cost-effective manner.

We approach each client as an individual with unique needs, ensuring that we offer you the best solutions for YOUR needs!

Key Contact

Justin Gough
Vice President
McLean, VA
Email: jgough@amesgough.com
Phone: 704.301.2086


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