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WASHINGTON, DC, January 10, 2022 – Ames & Gough, a leading insurance broker and risk management consultant specializing in serving design professionals, law firms, associations/nonprofits and other professional service organizations, today announced it will now offer employee benefits services in addition to its professional liability, property/casualty and risk management capabilities. The firm appointed Justin Gough as vice president to lead the new initiative.

BSA Project Management Roundtable: The Control of Risk

BSA Project Management Roundtable: The Control of Risk  January 27, 202212:00 PM - 1:00 PM Mike Herlihy, Executive Vice President with Ames & Gough will present The Control of Risk. This is a general overview of Risk Identification and Management. The kinds of...

Avoiding Coverage Issues When Admitting Responsibility

Here’s the scenario: An issue arises during construction that originates from a design problem, and as a result, there will be an associated change order by the contractor. Although this situation has not given rise to a formal claim, the firm believes the costs associated with the change order are likely to be well within the standard of care or the professional liability deductible.

What Does a Reservation of Rights Mean?

Here’s the scenario: a problem arises on a project, either a claim or pre-claim that prompts you to report the matter to your professional liability carrier. Within the first couple of weeks following the notice, you’re likely to receive a very ominous letter that tells you all the things that your professional liability policy may not cover.