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A&G Employee Spotlight – Benefits Team

In 2022, Ames & Gough introduced a new offering to compliment our current suite of insurance products. Employee Benefit solutions are spearheaded by Justin Gough, vice president, employee benefits and Joe Satterfield, account administrator, employee benefits. Who better to kick off our first “Employee Spotlight” then Justin and Joe. We cover a lot of ground … billionaires, meteorology, eating contests, sport allegiances and more. Read More

The Importance of Insurance to Value for Commercial Property Coverage

When purchasing or renewing their commercial property insurance, it’s vital for businesses to ensure such coverage includes correct property valuations. Doing so can make all the difference in providing sufficient protection and preventing coinsurance penalties amid covered property losses. That’s where conducting accurate insurance-to-value (ITV) calculations comes into play. Generally speaking, ITV refers to an approximation of the full cost to replace or restore insured property. Read More

Underwriting Consideration for D&O Insurance

Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance is an insurance coverage sought by private and non-profit organizations to help protect their executives from costly legal actions. Over the years, insurance companies have refined their underwriting practices for D&O insurance to reward organizations that implement proactive risk management measures.

Cyber Exposure: Smishing Explained

Most businesses and individuals are familiar with phishing, a cyberattack technique that entails cybercriminals leveraging fraudulent emails to manipulate recipients into sharing sensitive information, clicking malicious links or opening harmful attachments. While these email-based scams remain a pressing concern, a new form of phishing—known as smishing—has emerged over the years, creating additional cyber exposures for businesses and individuals alike.