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A&G Employee Spotlight – Benefits Team

In 2022, Ames & Gough introduced a new offering to compliment our current suite of insurance products. Employee Benefit solutions are spearheaded by Justin Gough, vice president, employee benefits and Joe Satterfield, account administrator, employee benefits. Who better to kick off our first “Employee Spotlight” then Justin and Joe. We cover a lot of ground … billionaires, meteorology, eating contests, sport allegiances and more. Read More

Cyber Exposure: Smishing Explained

Most businesses and individuals are familiar with phishing, a cyberattack technique that entails cybercriminals leveraging fraudulent emails to manipulate recipients into sharing sensitive information, clicking malicious links or opening harmful attachments. While these email-based scams remain a pressing concern, a new form of phishing—known as smishing—has emerged over the years, creating additional cyber exposures for businesses and individuals alike.

Heightened Insurance Requirements

In an opinion column for The Zweig Letter, Rob Hughes, senior vice president and partner, Ames & Gough provides tips and strategies for AEC firms to navigate the challenges of responding to higher professional liability insurance requirements during a hard commercial insurance market. In addition to providing insights on what’s driving the requirements, he shares tips for negotiating these demands with project owners, as well as insurance options that might help AEC firms control premium costs while meeting contractual coverage requirements.

Crisis Response: An A/E Action Plan When Condos Tumble

The recent and tragic Miami condo collapse has provoked many inquiries as to what a design professional might do in the event of a tragedy. Although dramatic, it was not the first such incident and unfortunately, will not be the last. The following is a five-step plan for consideration by design professional individuals or firms before, during, and after such an event.